The Creation of the Oak Tree Forum

When Kristy Quinn, author of the Ice Moon series, had her third daughter 11 years ago she was unexpectedly thrown into the world of healthy living. Quickly Kristy realized that her newborn daughter was highly allergic to disposable diapers. Never before had she heard of this. And she had no clue what to do. After finding a cloth diaper forum, Kristy soon realized that she had inadvertently stumbled upon an entirely different mind frame, the world of healthy living.

Kristy did not grow up in a health-minded home. Both of her parents had Type 2 Diabetes & Heart Disease which eventually led to even more complications like kidney failure, all of which in the end took both of their lives. Watching her parents get more and more sick and eventually die fueled Kristy to want a better life for her and for her children. The women in the forum and their knowledge opened Kristy’s eyes to things she had never ever thought of, things that gave her hope of a very different life than the one her parents had. Little did she know that her daughters allergy to the toxins in those disposable diapers would change her family’s life forever. But it did. Immensely.

Kristy began changing one thing at a time in her house and in what she cooked for her family. A process that wasn’t always easy, or sometimes even possible, she kept moving forward and learning.

In 2014 Kristy joined her first Health & Wellness Company, a well known essential oil company. Never focusing on selling, Kristy still found herself often speaking with and helping educate other women on oils and talk with them about their health journey.

Kristy soon knew that speaking to women about their health and sharing the gift of hope was one of her ministries.

Then in 2015 Kristy joined her second Health & Wellness company, a well known health supplement company, after seeing her trusted herbalist suggest it. Not long after Kristy started taking these supplements she began to experience severe die off and felt awful physically. Not wanting to contact her sponsor because she was always busy, Kristy forged through on her own, Googling everything she could find on what could be causing her physical reactions. Having already been infected with Black Mold and diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid issues, Kristy soon learned that she could add being overridden with Candida to that list.

That diagnosis would be what stirred Kristy to do her most popular YouTube video to date, “The Nasty Side Effects of Plexus,” which spoke of the nasty side effects of die off and what caused them. That video where Kristy openly shared her journey began bringing her countless ladies suffering through die off and other ailments. Emails and messages continued to pour in and Kristy answered every one. The ladies cries for help were not left unheard. As much as Kristy wanted to walk through their entire journey with them, helping them along the way, she couldn’t. Many, like Kristy, weren’t comfortable approaching their Sponsors about what they were going through or they already had reached out to them and were still struggling with no answers. Being at their wits end this drove them to try one last time by contacting Kristy after stumbling upon her videos.

This opened Kristy’s eyes to a need. Her video opened a door which had enabled her to see and hear from more than hundreds of women regularly. It was clear that there was a lack of genuine community and support in the world, especially with social media, which is where most women seek community in today’s day and age. Time and time again, Kristy was connecting women with certain health issues to other women suffering through the same thing. Day in and day out, the messages were generally the same. Each woman, although an individual, had very similar needs. They had concerns and questions about their health journey. When Kristy would ask if they had reached out to their sponsor almost all had the same response. They had indeed. Some sponsors didn’t answer and some did but didn’t have much time to talk which left these ladies unhappy and alone on their health journey. When these ladies joined and submitted questions to their uplines FB groups/communities online, as told to do per some sponsors, many of their posts weren’t approved and those that were were quickly pushed deep down into the pages news feed due to the massive amount of posts. These ladies posts contained genuine concerns that were being shoved down and not seen or answered at all. This was/is commonplace.

Almost every email Kristy received would start off with them asking Kristy a specific question and them sharing a long list of their personal health concerns for them and many times their loved ones. Once Kristy would respond these women would open up to her and start sharing even more. They would ask questions about all kinds of different health topics as well as how they could change their health in other ways, not just using supplements. They asked life questions.

Kristy new very quickly that these women, like we all do, had a need for real community. But not just any community. Instead, they needed a special one dedicated to women and their overall health journey of mind, body and spirit. One that didn’t exist.

Not until now.

After much prayer, The Oak Tree Forum idea was born. Kristy wanted a place unlike the typical ones on social media. One where women could gather and talk privately without the all seeing eyes watching every typed word. Somewhere where women knew that their hearts and concerns wouldn’t be lost in a social media pages news feed. Somewhere ads weren’t bombarding them at every turn, a place where they didn’t exist at all. A private, members only community where women suffering could find a listening ear/reading eye, and share their struggles, concerns and victories. Not a place to self diagnose, but a place to meet like-minded women and not be alone on their journey, no matter where they were on it. Kristy could no longer handle the vast amount of ladies that needed support but she didn’t want to turn anyone away. She knew there had to be a way to help them.

The Oak Tree Forum would remedy this!

Kristy began reaching out to close friends in the Health & Wellness industry who had themselves been counseling and helping countless women over the years just like Kristy. She presented her idea to them and just as Kristy hoped, they were just as excited as she was! A very important need was about to be met.

And thus the Oak Tree Form was created…

-A Place to Learn      -A Place to Share        -A Place to Grow