Welcome to the Oak Tree!

In a day and age where toxins are everywhere, more and more women are sick and tired. They’re done and they’re ready to take action. They’re rising up and taking their health back. With so many health struggles and concerns today, as well as so many options as to what to do to aid our bodies on their journey of healing, it can get overwhelming very fast. It’s a fact that more people give up on their health journey because of lack of support than any other reason. That’s why “The Oak Tree FORUM,” was created. After years of working in the Health & Wellness industry one thing was becoming all too obvious, the need for a real community; a private place where women could come together to share their journey and learn and grow. A community where there would be No Ads, No Filtering Posts, No Posts Getting Lost in News Feeds, No “All Seeing Eyes,” watching every move and No one choosing what the community would see and what they wouldn’t, a place where private information was kept private and not sold to third parties. What was needed was a free and clear site created to encourage and empower women on their health journey, thus enabling them to reach their full potential in life. Women encouraging & inspiring other women. Sprinkle in some fun, cute clothes, encouraging hand crafted accessories, awesome health oriented giveaways and the “refer a friend” program and you’ve got “The Oak Tree.life,” store and FORUM/community.

  • Private Women Only Community
  • Online Die-Off Support
  • Weight Loss Encouragement and Support
  • A Place for Women Living with: Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid Issues, any Autoimmune Disease, Lyme, Anxiety, Infertility, Fibromyalgia, and all others to Come Together to Share Stories and Receive Support.
  • Non-Toxic Recipes to Detox Your Life
  • Delicious, Healthy Recipes for All Eating Types. (THM, Keto, Paleo, GF, etc.) (Learn & Share your own!)
  • Essential Oil Information and How To’s.
  • MLM Talk is Welcome! (No outright selling allowed. Member must contact you if interested in your products. Not the other way around.)
  • FORUMS Focus on Overall Health of Life and Family Including Pets.
  • Speak Freely. No “All Seeing Eyes,” Filtering Posts. You See What You Want, Not What Someone Else Chooses for You to See.
  • Posts are Seen, Not Shoved Down in a Busy Feed.
  • No Ads Cluttering and Slowing Down Your Page!
  • We Do Not Share Your Information with a Third Party!
  • Monthly Giveaways!
  • Community Growth Giveaways!
  • Earn Money with our, “Refer a Friend,” Program!